This ‘killer’ tree eats birds with air and water, not a single bird can survive after sitting on the tree

The skeletons of birds that have been on the tree for many years make him more scary

A unique tree is found in Heron Island, Queensland. This tree named Pisonia is notorious for killing the birds sitting on top of it. Any bird that sits on this tree, it dies.

God has created everything in nature with a lot of thought. Every creature and creature has its own importance. Most plants found in the world depend on birds and insects for their survival. These organisms increase their number by spreading the seeds of these plants from one place to another. But there is a tree in the world that kills birds. After sitting on this tree, death of birds is decided. Because of this, this tree named Pisonia is called Chidianmar tree. Hundreds of birds die every year This tree named Pisonia is notorious for killing birds. This tree, however, tries to spread its seeds from one place to another with the help of sparrows, but for this reason they kill the sparrows. Actually, seeds of Pisonia tree are quite sticky. In the greed to spread its seeds, this tree sticks it in the wings of birds. But their seeds are very heavy. For this reason, birds do not fly due to sticking seeds and die of starvation after falling on the ground. Infamous for the name of Chidianmar treeThe Pisonia tree is called Chidianmar. This tree is found mostly in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific islands. The seeds of this tree are quite large and sticky. Because of the sticky substance present in it, the seed sticks to the sparrows. Many seeds are stuck in a bird, due to which they do not fly and eventually die. Skeletons found hanging on tree Pisonia trees flourish twice a year. During this time, at least two hundred seeds come on one branch. This is the same time when birds come from different places on the island. These seeds get stuck in the feathers of the birds sitting on the tree. Due to the weight of the seed, the birds either fall down and die or fall prey to some other animal. Small birds die on the branches of the tree and dry up. Due to this, his skeleton can be seen only after putting it.


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