This is the real story of Viral Video of the bride laughing on the stage – News18 Hindi

A video is becoming very viral these days on social media, in which the groom slaps the photographer while taking a picture of the bride on the wedding stage, and then the bride gets laughed on the stage there. Lakhs of people have watched this 45-second video shared on Twitter last week, but let’s know how much truth lies in this video and stage.

In the beginning of the video, the bride-groom is seen on the wedding stage. A photographer climbs on the stage and asks them to pose. Shortly afterward, the photographer starts to click the pictures of the bride by siding the groom, which makes the husband angry, and he slaps the photographer. After eating the slap, the photographer smiles and turns to the side and the bride laughs so much that she starts falling on the stage itself.

This video was shared by Renuka Mohan on Twitter and wrote, ‘I love this bride’. Since being shared on Twitter, the video has been viewed over 9 lakh times, while it has been retweeted about 16000 times. In the comment section of this video, Miss Mohan made it clear that she does not know how much truth is there in this video or whether the bride has made fun of her groom.

However, the veil arises from the reality of this video, when the bride herself answers it in a viral video and states that this video clip is actually part of a film shoot. In the comment section, Chhattisgarh actress Anikriti Chauhan wrote, ‘This is the video of the time of my movie shoot.’ Chauhan also revealed that the video was recorded during the shooting of the film ‘Darling Pyar Jhukta Nahin’. Along with this, he thanked Miss Mohan for sharing and making this video on Twitter.


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