This 50 paise coin will make you a millionaire in a hurry, wipe every corner of the house

After the end of the practice of chawni in 2011, the use of athani also decreased.

People sell old things on the online shopping site olx. Through this site, people are able to buy second hand things of their need at a low price. Now you can also become a millionaire by selling fifty paisa coins on this site. how? Read the news to know this…

Different types of coins and notes have been used in India for a long time. The size and design of coins and notes changes from time to time. The most recent case of demonetisation came in front of the people in 2016 when suddenly 500 and 1000 notes were discontinued. Even before this, many notes and coins have gone out of circulation. It also includes Chavanni and Athani.

The chawni trend ended in 2011. After this, in the years to come, people had stopped taking Athani i.e. 50 paise coin. People had stopped using it even before the government stopped using them. People said that the 50 paise coin was worthless in the era of inflation. After that it gradually went out of trend. But now only this useless coin can make you a millionaire.

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1 lakh is being soldA 50 paise steel coin is being sold for one lakh on olx, a site famous for the sale of second hand things. There is a special thing in this shining coin. This coin was made in the year 2011. This is the coin of the same year when Chavanni was banned. This coin is being sold online for one lakh. In such a situation, if you also have such a 50 paise coin, then by selling it, you too can become a millionaire quickly.

How to sell online?

If you also have such a coin of 50 paise, then you can sell it sitting at home. A site like olx gives you the option to join as a seller. You have to register as a seller on it. After this, you upload the picture of the coin you have on it and put it on the sale. There are many people in the world who are fond of collecting old coins. If someone sees your ad and is interested in buying it, then he will contact you. After online payment, courier the coin to him. Isn’t it a solid way to become a millionaire from the idle coins?


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