This 2 bedroom house is being sold for just 103 rupees, you also have a great chance to buy

The house is of two rooms and is very small but it also has a large terrace attached to it.

A two bedroom (2BHK) house built in the UK is ready for sale. Along with its small area, this house is also in discussion for its price. Actually, you can buy this house called the Smallest Property of UK for just 103 rupees.

Own home is the dream of many people. People spend years saving to buy property. After this, they are able to buy a one or two bedroom house. In such a situation, if we tell you that you have a chance to buy a two bedroom house abroad, that too for just a hundred rupees? You would think that we are joking with you but it is not so. This small property is ready to be sold at a very low price. People are showing a lot of interest in it because it can be modified in many ways.

This property present in Wales, UK is being sold for just 1 Euro i.e. only 103 rupees according to Indian currency. This house has two bedrooms. According to the news published in Wells Online, there is one room upstairs and one room below. This will go a long way in changing the interior of the house. It is believed that whoever buys this house, it will be very beneficial for him. However, at what price the final auction house will be sold, it is not yet final.

house with roof free

Paul Fosh Auctions has taken responsibility for selling this house. Its in-charge Sean Roper told that although the house is of two rooms and very small, but with it a large terrace is also attached. On this the owner of the house can innovate a lot. The two rooms of the house are on two floors. If it is done in the right way, then a lot of space can be left. Right now when properties are skyrocketing in Wales, such a cheap house is attracting people.can take home tour

If you live in the UK, you can take a tour of the house before buying it. On the other hand, if you are buying a house from outside, then you can see the condition of the house through video call. On the other hand, if you talk about buying this property, then you can register for it online on the site of Paul Fosh Auctions. One can become the owner of this house by bidding this auction. The house has two floors which are connected by a thin staircase.

There is a big shortage in the house

However, there is one major drawback in this house, which has not been hidden from the buyers. That is, there is no kitchen and bathroom in it. The kitchen will still be managed in the bedroom, the biggest problem is with the bathroom. Despite this, many people are showing interest in buying this house. If you are also interested in taking home then you can visit the mentioned site.


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