Third sero survey: Corona infected every fifth young and fourth child of the country

– Most of them do not know about the infection, if samples were taken, then the report revealed when antibodies were found

– 21.4% people have been infected with corona

– The survey was conducted between December 7, 2020 to January 8, 2021.

– Third survey conducted in 21 states

new Delhi. Every fifth person of the country has become corona infected. 21.4 percent people have become corona infected. Most of them are not aware of corona infection, but when these samples were taken, antibodies were found against them. There is talk of government opening schools for children. At the same time, every fourth child aged 10 to 17, 25.3 percent has become corona infected. This was revealed in the report of the Third National Sero Survey of the Indian Council of Medical Research. Only the states, districts and villages selected during the first and second surveys of the national sero survey were included. The survey was conducted between December 7, 2020 to January 8, 2021.

More patients were found in the third survey
The third sero survey in the country has revealed the information of the fastest people being patients. Only 0.7 percent people were found in the April survey, while in August this data was 7.1. It increased to 21.4 percent in the third survey.

How did the survey …
Antibody Test of 28,589
7,171 health workers also investigated
Survey in 700 villages and wards
Covers 70 districts
Third survey conducted in 21 states

Elderly after children-
25.3% 10-17 years old infected
19.9% ​​infected 18-44 years old
23.4% 45-60 years old infected
23.4% elderly over 60 years

More in slums
31.7% in urban slums
26.2% urban non-slum infections
19.1% infection in rural areas

Health worker
26.6% doctors and nurses infected
25.4% paramedical staff infected
25.3% field staff infected
24.9% Administration staff infected


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