These white foods are the root of many diseases including cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Dangerous White Food For Body : In today’s hectic lifestyle, due to increasing weight and obesity, many diseases take home in the body. This is because of irregular eating habits and less physical activity. As our physical activity decreases, diseases like unbalanced blood pressure, diabetes occur in the body. If they grow too much, there is a danger of life and they make way in the body for many other major diseases. Because sugar-BP weakens the body’s immunity and the virus gets a chance to attack the body. Therefore, for a healthy body, it is necessary to eat the right amount and do regular exercise. Dainik Bhaskar’s Report Food and Dietetics Expert Anupa Das has told that along with eating less and exercising, it is also important to have the necessary nutrition in your diet.

In the report, he has further told that the changed lifestyle and the increased amount of packaged and junk food has reduced the amount of nutrition from our food. These include substances like sugar, flour, salt and ajinomoto. It is worth noting that their quantity in processed food is to dangerous levels. Experts said that according to the Harvard Institute of Health, they are not only causing diseases like cancer, type-2 diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, heart attack, but they can also reduce the lifespan by at least 10 years. . Along with this, he has told about those 4 foods whose excessive use is dangerous for the body. You also know about these 4 things used in food.

sugar (sugar)
According to Anupa Das, sugar or sugar is also called Empty Calorie. It does not contain any nutrients. As it reaches our digestive track, it breaks down into glucose and fructose. In the liver of people doing less physical activity, it gets stored in the form of fat. It also has a bad effect on insulin, which increases the risk of diabetes. He says that only 5 teaspoons of sugar a day is enough, but after the age of 40, reduce it further.

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Ajinomoto thrown in Chowmein is very harmful for the heart. Ajinomoto is monosodium glutamate. It is used more for making Chinese food. Its natural source is tomato and grapes. Anupa Das told that there is no need to take it artificially.

white salt
White salt is most responsible for high BP. Salt affects the amount of water in the body. If we eat more salt then the extra water stored in the body increases the blood pressure. When salt is refined, iodine is removed from it. On the other hand, when refined, fluoride is added to it, which causes harm if salt is eaten in excess. Only 1 teaspoon of salt should be taken in daily food. If you have BP, then definitely consult a dietician.

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Fine flour
Maida is such a food item that we include it in our diet in some form or the other every day, whether it is bread-bun or kulcha-bhature or burger. It causes diseases like obesity, cholesterol. During the processing of wheat to make flour, the tissues found in it called endosperm are destroyed. In such a situation, its bran, which is necessary for digestion, is also removed. Almost all its nutrients are lost. This can cause digestive problems. Foods made from maida can be eaten only once a week, that too only to change the test.

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