These websites that look like ‘government’ are fake, look at the list to avoid fraud

These days the method of defrauding common people through fake website is being used a lot. In such a situation, the PIC Fact Check of the Press Information Bureau has today released a list on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. This list contains links to some websites which are actually fake. The special thing is that anyone can be deceived by seeing the URLs of these websites, and can understand them as the government scheme website.

Do not forget to visit these websites
PIB Fact Check has shared links to a total of 7 websites. The URL of the first website looks like the Central Excise Government. At the same time, the second link looks like the website of free registration for scholarship. At the same time some links have been kept like government schemes. These are the 7 websites that will be beneficial for you to stay away from.

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In this way, you will use the Internet to be safe
Apart from the links of fake websites, PIB Fact Check has also given some tips for using the Internet safely. Which are as follows:
1. Always use Secure Internet connection only.
2. Do not click on any unknown links or use caution when doing so.
3. Avoid downloading unsafe things.
4. Trust only official links.
5. Double check any information before posting it.
6. Avoid online fraud.
7. Keep antivirus updated in your system or laptop.


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