These things do great harm to health when eaten stale or reheated, know- News18 Hindi

In today’s era, every person is busy in one way or the other and this is why people’s food habits are changing. It has been recently that the food prepared at one time, people continue to heat and eat for two-three days. They feel that the food kept in the refrigerator does not spoil. But even if the food is not bad, it can definitely harm your health. By the way, nothing should be eaten stale but some things should not be eaten at all and we are telling you about those whose food can harm your health…


Whether potato is in vegetable or any other form, it should neither be eaten stale nor should it be reheated. By eating it stale or reheating it, the nutrients present in it are eliminated and it also affects your digestive system.


The egg should not be reheated or eaten stale then why should it be in any form. Eggs contain a lot of protein which on reheating becomes toxic. This can harm your health.

sugar beets

Beetroot should not be eaten stale or reheated. By doing this, the nitrate present in it is removed. If the beet is kept late, do not heat it at all.


Chicken should also not be reheated and eaten, the protein composition present in it changes. This can cause digestive problems.

Spinach should also not be reheated and eaten. Reheating turns the nitrate present in spinach into an element that increases the risk of cancer. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)


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