These symptoms may appear on the skin, problem of skin cancer

There are mainly three types of skin cancer.
If taking sesame or wart even after taking the medicine for 6 weeks, pay attention.

Often, red rash, sesame seeds, warts, etc. come out on our skin, although they can also be normal, but if they stay for long, do not be careless. Because abnormal growth of skin cells can be a sign of skin cancer. This happens mostly in those areas where the rays of the sun fall directly on the face, throat, hands and feet. Skin cancer is caused by abnormal growth in cells due to DNA damage. Apart from this, there can be many reasons for skin cancer. Weakness of immunity, frequent exposure to radiation such as X-rays, excessive use of preservatives in the diet can also cause cancer. Know about skin cancer

Types of skin cancer
Sequamous cell carcinoma skin cancer affects the upper layers of the skin. It is more in those who are exposed to sunlight more. In this, the skin of face, throat, hands and feet is more affected.

Melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous. This cancer is more on the palm and soles. Affects a part of the body where the ultra violet rays of the sun do not reach easily.

Basal cell carcinoma cancer occurs on the innermost layer of the skin. The highest number of cases of skin cancer are reported. This cancer does not spread throughout the body.

Here’s how to identify cancer – If there is a mole on your skin and it is rapidly changing shape and it is bleeding, itching, red or black spots or ulcers on the skin then these can be symptoms of skin cancer. If they do not improve even after taking the medicine for 6 weeks, contact the cancer pathologist. To avoid this, cover the body, apply sunscreen, eat fruit-juices etc. in the diet.

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