These five things act as killers in the relationship between men and women, know what they are

Sex Drive Killers between men and women: The foundation of the relationship between the couples rests on the emotional and physical relationship. If there is a slight disturbance in these relations, then the relationship starts to crumble. We make ties drop by straw, but even the smallest things can ruin these ties. Sometimes we ignore the small weaknesses of our body. We feel that these things will not have any effect on our relationships. But ignoring them can have a bad effect on our relationship. There are many such things that exist between women and men. romance It can destroy the heat or physical relationship. That is why it is very important to know about these things. Here we are telling about 5 such things, due to which sex drive can have a bad effect and due to which the warmth of the relationship between the couples can also decrease.

what are five things

rift with partner
webmd According to the news of partner If there is a rift with it, it is bound to have a bad effect on the sex drive. Women want very close relationships with men, only then can they open up. If there is always a rift between the two, communication is not correct, there is a feeling of cheating with each other and there is a lack of trust, then sex drive will be adversely affected.

Alcohol is the biggest killer of sex drive. Excess alcohol addiction creates difficulties for the partner. Although a limited amount of alcohol sex The drive is supposed to be right.

too little sleep
If you get too little sleep, your sex drive also goes down. Good sleep is essential for a good relationship. If you sleep less then you will often experience fatigue which will make it difficult to have a relationship. That’s why it is necessary to get treatment for low sleep.

Medicine also works to disturb the relationship. If you regularly take medicines for depression, insomnia, blood pressure etc., then it creates annoyance in the partner due to which the sex drive becomes weak. Therefore, do not let such a situation arise in which medicine is needed.

low testosterone
Yes, a major reason for the low sex drive between couples is also the low testosterone hormone. If there is a deficiency of testosterone hormone in the body, then the desire to have sex will also be less. There can be a decrease in testosterone due to many reasons. so if so doctor Get in touch with us to treat it.

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