These 3 Set-top-boxes of Tata Sky are getting cheaply, pick up the benefits of offers soon

If you want to buy a set-top box, Tata Sky has brought a special offer for you. Under this offer, Tata Sky is offering huge discounts on its three set-top boxes. The list of cheap set-top boxes includes Tata Sky Binge +, Tata Sky SD and Tata Sky HD 4K set-top boxes. Let us tell you which set-top box will be cheaper.

Tata Sky Binge + discount of Rs.
Let us first talk about the offer on Tata Sky Binge +. Under this offer, this set-top box is getting a discount of Rs 200. Please tell that it is usually sold for Rs 2,499. But now you can buy it for Rs 2,299. To avail this offer, you have to use coupon code TSKY200.

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At the same time, talking about the specialty of Tata Sky Binge +, you can see all kinds of OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In addition to this, you are also getting one month subscription of Tata Sky Binge +, but after one month you will have to pay Rs 299 every month. At the same time, tell you that Amazon Prime Video is also being given a subscription for three months for free with Binge +.

Such a discount on Tata Sky HD
At the same time, customers are being given a discount of Rs 150 on the Tata Sky HD settop. Without the offer, you will get Sky HD setup for Rs 1,499. But under the offer, it can be purchased for Rs 1,249. For this, you have to use coupon code TSKY150. On this settop box you will be able to watch the channel in HD.

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Tata Sky + HD Offers
The company is offering a discount of Rs 400 to customers on the Tata Sky + HD setup. Its actual price is Rs 4,999, but under the offer it can be purchased for Rs 4,599. For this offer you have to use TSKY400 coupon code. Through this settop box you can record 625 hours of live TV.

Keep this in mind
To buy all the settop boxes with offers, you will have to visit Tata Sky’s website. This offer will not be available when you buy from offline store.


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