There was terrible pain in the feet of the bodybuilder woman, when she showed the doctor, the shocking truth came to the fore!

Imagine you have a fracture in your leg and you are still doing gym. You will say this is not possible, but a woman from Britain did the same. Helena Phil, a bodybuilder and personal trainer by profession, did not realize (Bodybuilder Ignored Broken Feet) for 5 years that she had a fracture in her leg.

44-year-old Helena Phil had different fractures in both legs. He also had pain in his leg due to this, but in his passion for bodybuilding (Bodybuilding With Broken Feet), he accepted this pain as a part of his life and also participated in the competition for 5 years. Finally one day when she reached the doctor, she came to know the shocking truth.

not feeling hurt
Helena Phil had pain in her foot for 5 years and she never felt that her foot could be fractured. The personal trainer living in North London made her career in gym and bodybuilding since the age of 20. Now she is 44 years old. She says that at the age of 26, she got hurt in both feet. Actually, she used to work as a lorry driving and one day after the roof of the lorry leaked, she jumped down and hurt her leg. The second injury occurred to him when he had an accident with his friend on a motorcycle. She says that the injury was in her left leg and she started giving her weight on the right leg, due to which she also started getting damaged.

Operation done after 5 years
After this incident, she was suffering from headache and foot pain, yet she continued to lead her normal life with the help of special shoes. When this pain increased a lot, then after about 5 years she reached the doctor and she got information about a fracture in the leg in the MRI report. His first operation took place in the year 2014 and he had to stay on a wheelchair for a few months. It was very difficult for her, because she comes from the business of fitness. However, during this time too, he started taking lessons of life coaching along with light exercises. His second operation took place in the year 2016. Now wires, pins and plates have been inserted in both his feet.

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When he got this injury, there were 4 months left in his bodybuilding competition. In such a situation, he ignored the injury and kept his focus on training. Helena says that she was only thinking that she did not have to fall wearing heels because her feet used to hurt immensely.

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