There is a rift with your partner everyday in love marriage? solve such cases

Relationship Tips And Love Marriage: Love between two people is a very beautiful feeling. Love can happen to anyone at any time. It neither sees color nor sees age. It just happens. In this, the partners respect each other’s feelings. Love is considered successful only when it reaches marriage. With the passage of time, the parents have also changed their thinking and adopting the choice of their children have started agreeing for their love marriage.

It is seen in many cases that in love marriage it has been seen that the sooner they are attracted to each other, the more rift starts between the two after marriage. If this happens to you, then you will know about how to deal with this situation.

how to keep smooth relationship- live in reality
Many people have a habit that they start comparing their love life with the film world, whereas in real life everything is not as it is shown in films, so try to live in reality and not in the film world.

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be transparent
When two lovers become husband and wife, they get a chance to spend a lot of time with each other. In such a situation, to keep your relationship sweet, it is very important to have transparency between the two because if there is no transparency, then it is natural to have differences between you.

tell the truth to others
The foundation of any relationship is made from truth, if you are using lies in that relationship, then at some point you will have to bear the brunt of it. Therefore, give importance to truth in your relationship and do not hide anything from each other.

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stay away from mobile
Mobile is becoming the root of every problem nowadays. The more technology has updated itself, the more it is becoming the cause of more suffering. There is no doubt that most of the fights between Mian Biwi are over mobile. When you and your partner are together, keep the mobile away, try to keep the mobile silent or off when you are giving time to each other

respect each other
Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, quarrels and differences happen in the middle of every Mian Biwi. This does not mean that you should insult your partner in front of everyone. Then no matter how big the mistake, for this you should talk to each other in private and find a solution to that matter.

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