There are more than 200 tumors on the woman’s body, when it comes out in the street, people see in a strange way!

Real Life Story: If a person looks a little different or he has such a disease that he cannot do anything even if he wants to, then many people start looking at him with a slanting eye without knowing his story. Something similar happens with a 33-year-old woman, who told that people stare at her strangely when she comes out of the house.

Actually, Jamila Gordon, who lives in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, shared her story with the media and told that a lump was formed on the stomach in childhood, after which she consulted the doctor. After getting tested, it was found that he had Neurofibromatosis (Diagnosed with neurofibromatosis). According to the information, with increasing age, hundreds of tumors developed on every part of his body. For information, let us tell you that neurofibromatosis is a genetic condition due to which tumors develop near the nerves. Jameela says that these tumors are painful and they also have itching in them.

impact on confidence

Jameela says, ‘The tumors are painful and they are really itchy. These are all over my body and also under my feet, which makes it difficult to walk. There will be more than 200 tumors on my body. She says that due to these, her self-confidence was greatly affected. She says that when people stare at her, she gets nervous and gets depressed as well as worried. He informed that he had surgically removed some tumors, which later grew again. She says, ‘Children stare at me, some people come and ask, but many people just stand and stare.’ She further said, ‘When I was young, I was teased in school, so I found it difficult to study and I never wanted to go to school. Because of this, I also felt disappointed in relationships.

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daughter also has this disease

Jameela says that people feel uncomfortable around her. For this reason, he had to lose his job as well. Let us tell you that Jamila’s daughter Tatyana also has this disease, due to which Jamila is worried about her future. However, it was Tatyana, 8, who helped Jamila regain her confidence. Jameela says, ‘She has just started noticing that people are staring, but she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She calls out my name after school and runs straight to me for a hug.

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