There are 2-2 uterus in the woman’s body, the children born in both were given birth, the doctor was surprised!

There are many such strange things in the world, which we cannot even imagine. You can consider a woman from America (United States News) as a miracle of nature, because she has not one but two uterus in her stomach. This woman named Megan Phipps was born with two uterus (Double Uteruses Woman). Even more shocking thing is that she has also become pregnant from both the uterus simultaneously.

According to the news of the Daily Mail, Megan Phipps, a resident of Nebraska, was born in medical science with a condition called Uterine Didelphys. In this, there are two uterus in the female body. The doctors knew about this, but there was no place for their surprise when they came to know that Megan was simultaneously raising children in both the pregnancies.

Birth to 5 and a half month old girls
Megan Phipps got pregnant in both the uterus at the same time. Their babies were growing in both the uterus. However, when the weight of both the girls was less than 453 grams, then only they had to be delivered. The day after the birth of a girl child, another girl child was born. Although his first daughter died after 12 days, while the second daughter Reece had to be kept on ventilator for 45 days and she survived. Megan Phipps, while sharing her experience on the show called Good Morning America, told that she went into labor pain in 22 weeks.

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Just came to know about two or two pregnancies
Megan Phipps has already had two children. Both of these were from his right uterus. In such a situation, he felt that his left uterus did not work, but when he had some problem in the third pregnancy, he asked the doctor about it. In the investigation, it was found that the children were growing separately in both their uterus. This peculiar medical condition occurs in one out of every 2000 women and there is a possibility of pregnancy in both the uterus in any one of 50 million women.

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