The world’s most expensive medicine given to an innocent child, knowing the price will blow your senses!

This picture is of England Baby Given Expensive Drug Edward. Age only one year. Edward is as cute and mischievous as he is innocent in appearance. Edward suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA leads to a lack of protein necessary for muscle growth. On hearing the name of this disease, it was as if a mountain had broken on the family. A person cannot sit in this disease. Can’t stand. Moving around remains a dream. The treatment was also not very easy. Because its treatment is very difficult and expensive. But now Edward’s treatment has started. He is being treated with the world’s most expensive drug Zolgensma Drug.

The cost of the world’s most expensive drug is 1.79 million pounds
Zolgezma is by far the most expensive drug in the world. This medicine starts making the bones of the spine strong again by completing the lack of protein in the muscles. This is a gene therapy. Baby Edward was given a dose of Zolgezma in August. This gene therapy is given through NHS England. Which has given him a new basis of life. Edward’s mother is overjoyed for her 1-year-old baby. The hope has given him a lot of courage that now his child will also be able to walk and play like other children.

Kiran of hope from Zolgezma, Edward will run!
Zolgezma not only brought happiness to the parents of baby Edward, but every child who is suffering from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is also looking forward to getting a chance to live.. Those parents Those who have lost the hope of seeing their innocent walk and run will also find a new path. Edward’s mother told that with the birth there was no place for the happiness of the family. But as time passed, it was realized that Edward had some physical problems. As the name suggests, this disease is related to spinal ie the bones of the spine. Due to which it is impossible to get up, sit and walk. But medical science has made a new miracle in the form of gene therapy called Zolgezma.

Edward’s mother Megan says, “We are proud of Edward.” He is doing very well, which has exceeded our expectations. We are very lucky. His wish was that he should be able to sit. Work is being done on her movement since a few weeks, baby is also trying which is a good achievement

Mother Megan is also very happy to inform that Edward has now become a very agile and mischievous child like the rest of the children instead of a lethargic child. When Edward’s illness was diagnosed (DIAGNOSED), he was only 2 months old. At that time, he was taking medicines called Spinraza, in which regular injections were to be given in his spine, while only one dose of Zolgezma would have to be taken. Edward’s family has now moved to London where he will have to undergo physiotherapy 5 times a week. Zolgezma is a new drug, how effective it will prove to be in the long run… Not much is known about it yet.

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