The White House said – worried about the Mahatma Gandhi statue being fragmented

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue fragmented in California

The White House on Monday condemned the demolition of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in California. “We are definitely concerned about the incident of Gandhi’s statue being dismembered,” White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters at a daily press conference. Mahatma Gandhi at Central Park in the City of Davis, North California A six-foot-tall bronze statue weighing 294 kg was vandalized by some unknown people last week and removed from its base pillar. On the question in this regard, Saki said, “Definitely we condemn it and will look into it.” In a statement issued by the city of Davis, he also condemned the incident.

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The statement said, “We do not support any such action, the gems damage the property. We understand that our community reflects the diversity of ideas and values ​​and we hope that everyone will respect each other. “It said,” We are committed to creating a city that is inclusive. And lived up to our principles. We work diligently to ensure the physical and psychological safety of every citizen. Such actions are violent and threat to security.

A statement from the city said that they express condolences to the people hurt by this incident and promise to bring the full investigation and the culprits within the purview of the law. Meanwhile, people from the Indian-American community took out a community procession at City Park in California. Addressing the procession in Central Park, Davis Mayor Gloria Partida expressed regret for the incident, saying, “The sabotage incident can never be forgiven.” Gandhi is our inspiration and we will not allow any such act. “The procession was organized by the Indian Association of Sacramento (IAS) in association with other Indian-American and Hindu-American organizations.

Shyam Goyal, a retired professor at the University of California and a member of the Gandhi Statue for Peace Committee, also condemned the incident while addressing those present and said, “Mahatma Gandhi’s resolve to solve our problems in a peaceful and non-violent manner There is a need in the world even today.


Members of the ‘Organization for Minorities in India’ (OFMI) led by radical Khalistani separatists tried to disrupt the procession by raising indecent slogans against Gandhi during this period. He demanded that the statue not be restored. OFMI’s Nanak Bhati said it was not appropriate to install Gandhi’s statue in Davis City and asked “why was it installed here?”

The IAS said that pro-Khalistan protesters also tried to threaten the people present there and attack a woman speaker to stop the procession. Poolis had to be summoned to control them. According to the press release issued by the organization, a complaint has also been lodged with the police in the case of assault on women speaker.


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