The time spent in solitude in the epidemic had a positive effect on people – research

Solitude had Positive Effects in Pandemic: Many people had to stay at home during the lockdown during the Corona period. There were some people among them, who were with their family, and there were some who spent time living alone. Now a new study has shown that the time spent in solitude during the corona epidemic has a positive effect on people of all age groups. According to the findings of a study conducted among more than 2000 adolescents and adults, most people experienced benefits from solitude in the early days of the corona epidemic. Under the study, researchers interviewed people in the UK, after which the researchers have concluded this.

The findings of this study have been published in Frontiers in Psychology. According to the study, all age groups experienced positive and negative impacts during isolation during the pandemic. However, in this study, researchers found that people in solitude were more likely to have positive effects than negative ones. Alam is that the average experience of positivity is 5 out of 7.

Some of the study participants reported worsening moods as a result of being in solitude, but most described their experiences of solitude in terms of feeling capable, and autonomous. 43 percent of all respondents to the study mentioned that solitude includes experiences of activities and qualifications, which include skill building and time spent on activities.

difference between solitude and loneliness
The words solitude and loneliness have different meanings. When problems are going on in a person’s life, he cannot find any way to overcome the problems, then he starts getting frustrated and may feel lonely in the crowd. While solitude gives pleasure.

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more negative experiences in working people
According to the study, people of working age reported the most negative experiences with other participants due to their seclusion during the Kovid epidemic. Dr Netta Weinstein, associate professor of psychology at the University of Reading and lead author of the study, said, “We did the study in the summer of 2020, when the first national lockdown in the UK was about to end. The conventional wisdom is that the pandemic was a negative experience, but we see in our study how the components of solitude can be positive.

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Working adults in the UK were most likely to report deteriorating moods during those first few months of the pandemic, but the deteriorating mood of working people is not mentioned as much as the positive experiences of solitude.

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