The terror of the Taliban started on women, the woman was shot without a burqa

The Taliban may be talking liberally, but tales of its cruelty to women have started coming to the fore. After the return of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, women were ordered to wear the burqa. Meanwhile, when a woman appeared on the road without a burqa (Woman shot for not wearing burqa), she had to lose her life.

Taliban fighters are roaming the streets of Afghanistan by vehicles and bikes. These fighters have their flag and weapons in their hands. The whole country is in shock since his arrival. According to the Sharia Law, whatever they see is wrong, they hear the punishment on the spot (Talibani Punishment). In this connection, the Taliban shot a woman on the road for not wearing a burqa.

Death penalty for not wearing burqa
Afghan women are fearful ever since the Taliban came to power. Meanwhile, there are reports from Takhar Province, Afghanistan that as soon as Taliban fighters (Woman shot for not wearing burqa) were seen on the road without a burqa in Talokan, they shot her. . Fox News has published a picture of a bloodied woman and Talibanis standing around her. After this picture, the fear among Afghan women has increased. Not only this, these fighters are roaming on the road seeing that women are not seen going anywhere without burqa and alone. It is being told that in the last few days, the number of women, girls as well as elderly and children on the road has reduced significantly.

…and the Taliban talks about the rights of women?
This incident has come to the fore at a time when the Taliban is officially talking about security for the Afghan people and giving rights to women. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says they will not take revenge on those who fought against them and will also give women rights under the rules of Sharia law. However, the situation in Afghanistan at this time is such that whoever is thinking of running away from here, Taliban is beating him on the middle of the road.

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The sale of burqa has increased in the country only after the capture of Taliban in Afghanistan. Women and girls are apprehensive about their future. The situation is such that mothers in Afghanistan are handing over their children to foreign soldiers, so that they can escape the havoc of the Taliban. He is allowed to die after falling from a plane, but he does not want to live under Taliban rule.

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