The talk was not made on the first date, then the man asked the girl for coffee bill

If you like someone, you don’t necessarily have to like him too. This is a small thing, but in understanding it, many people make mistakes. On Twitter, a girl has shared a similar incident with her. He has told that he did not like his partner on the first date, so his behavior became so strange.

Keeping the incident with her on Twitter account named @LaurenNotLozza, the girl told that she had recently gone on a coffee date with a person. When she refused the man for the second date, the reaction she got from the front was really amazing. The girl has put her entire chat with that person in front of the world.

If the matter was not made on the date, then asked for the coffee bill
The girl has told that after the date when the man asked her for another date, she politely tried to refuse. However, the man offered her to have a meal together once. Even after this, when he did not get a positive response from the girl, he gave a very strange answer and said – ‘Will you give me your coffee money back? I don’t like to waste money. I will spend it on a date with someone else.

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The girl also gave a befitting reply
The girl did not even expect this reply from the front. He replied and said – ‘You should be ashamed that if things are not according to you, then you consider it a waste. How about if I donate coffee money to a charity of your choice? So that you get to learn a little decorum. I can also add the money for your bus fare, if you want.’ However, while sending his account number, the person said that he himself wants to spend his money according to his own accord. At present, this post has got 3,330 likes and people have also given comments according to them. Some people found this funny and some people did not believe that this could actually happen.

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