The secret room found behind the wall of the house, the couple changed its color for Rs 4000; Eyes will be stunned seeing the look!

Those who live in very old houses would know that in earlier times people used to make such rooms in the houses which they kept secret rooms. Many such news keeps coming on social media in which people tell that they have found secret doors, rooms or any tunnel in their homes. Recently a couple also had a similar experience. They saw a secret room in the house, but the most important thing is that the couple made the room so beautiful by using the least amount of money that people are getting stunned.

32-year-old Sarah King and her husband Toby, living in Brighton, England, were getting new paint done in their house. When the old paint was being removed during the painting, the couple started seeing a slight glimpse of a door frame on the wall. The couple was stunned to see him and they decided to break the wall. Sara while talking to Daily Star said- “Our house is very old. Seeing the map of the house, we had an idea that there is an empty space behind the wall. In the houses next to our house, a cubicle has been built at this place, but we have a wall here. Sara told that one day when her husband went to the office, he started breaking the wall alone. Sara said that when she saw the door frame, she informed her husband about it, then together they broke the wall.

Sara and her husband were not only stunned to see the couple found secret room, but they were also happy that they had found a small space where they could have their own little bar. Sara has recently started her own interior design business. So he put his mind of interior decoration in that room as well. Sara told that there were many cupboards in her house, so she decided that she would give this place the one-time look that she always wanted. In just 4 thousand rupees, the couple set up their bar and decorated it so beautifully that they are being praised a lot on social media.

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