The rhinoceros publicly molested the giraffe, the stars were seen in 1 kick in the day

Aaj Tak you must have seen the videos of Eve Teasing. Or you must have seen tampering with people in fun and jokes. But have you ever seen the tampering of two animals, that too of different animals? These days the video of giraffe and rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Caught Molesting Giraffe) is going viral on social media. In this video, a stunted rhinoceros was seen teasing a large giraffe. People couldn’t stop laughing after watching the video.

The video going viral seems to be of a safari. In this, a rhinoceros (Giraffe Rhino) was seen walking behind the giraffe. The rhinoceros started troubling the giraffe from behind. The giraffe also saw its arrival and quickly kicked the rhinoceros. The rhinoceros was so frightened by the kick from the giraffe’s leg that it ran away. Whoever saw the video could not stop laughing.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared this video on Twitter. It was written in the caption of the video that the rhinoceros will remember the giraffe’s kick for life. Along with this video, the officer also told the people about knowledge. He informed that the giraffe can kick in any direction. Along with this, he also gave a task for his followers. He asked, “Can you tell who is the fastest kicker in the world?” He requested people not to resort to Google.

Let us tell you that Susanta Nanda is famous for sharing such funny videos of forest creatures on Twitter. People like these videos shared by him a lot.

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