The restaurant offered to eat unlimited food, the person packed so much food that the ban had to be imposed!

Restaurants which have buffet option offer their customers unlimited food for few rupees. People have to pay a fixed amount and after that they can eat till their stomach is full. Restaurant people also know that a person will not be able to eat more than his hunger and stomach, so he takes such an amount which is more than the quantity of his food. But one person did the opposite. He took this offer so seriously that it felt like eating a lot (Man eat a lot at restaurant gets banned). And after that he had to ban the restaurant from overeating man.

Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet restaurant is present in Changsha city of China. Here you can eat as much as you want (All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant). A person took this scheme of the restaurant very seriously. A food streamer named Kang (Food Streamer gets banned in restaurant) ate so much food here that the restaurant had to move away from its scheme and ban it. Let us tell you that Kong is a streamer who makes videos of eating more food and entertains the viewers.

According to reports, Kang himself told that when he went to the restaurant for the first time, he ate more than 1.5 kg of pork and when he went for the second time he ate 3.5 kg to 4 kg of prawns. Since then, the restaurant has banned Kang from coming because he was eating so much that he was being harmed.

Kang while talking to a local channel said that discrimination is being done about his hunger. He never wastes. He is fond of eating and he eats more food. He said that it is not his fault that he eats more food. On the other hand, the owner of the hotel told that Kang eats a lot of food, so he has been banned. When he eats pork, he eats the whole tray and when he takes prawns, instead of using tongs, he takes out the food with his hands. Not only this, he also drinks 20-30 bottles of soy milk. Due to this, the restaurant suffers a loss of thousands of rupees.

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