The police reached their house to solve the couple’s quarrel, 6 children were living in the garbage heap!

A shocking news has come from England. Here 6 children have been evacuated from a house which had become a pile of garbage (6 Kids evacuated from dirty house). Inside the house there was a lot of garbage, dog and mouse feces and extremely dirty toilets. Seeing the picture of the house (England dirty home photo) on social media, people are surprised that how can one live in such a place. Seeing such condition of the children, their parents were booked and proceedings are on.

During the ongoing hearing at Liverpool Crown Court, the Public Prosecutor said that one day a fierce fight broke out between the parents of the children, which had to be resolved by the police. As soon as the police entered the house, he was suffocated by the stench there. The house was so dirty that it seemed worthless than any slum. Police said that garbage was lying all around the house. The dog had potty everywhere and there were many rats in the house. The police were shocked when the couple had left their 6 children to live among the garbage. Police said that the bathroom of the house had not been cleaned for a long time and only the smell of rotting was coming all around.

When the police saw the condition of the children, they immediately called another officer who took the children out of the house and provided them with clean clothes and food. When the police arrested the couple and interrogated them, the father admitted that the house had become very dirty and the children were suffering in it. But he said that he had cleaned the house only a month ago. On the other hand, the mother said that the time of the same job is very long, due to which she is unable to pay attention at home. The mother told that the bathroom of the house is not used and those people eat only after ordering food from outside, due to which a lot of garbage has accumulated in the house. He told that because of his dog, his house spreads even more, which spreads dirt in the house itself. One of the 6 children told the administration that his house was not fit to live in. There are many rats and filth in the house. Now the case against the couple is going on and it is believed that the couple will be sentenced in November.

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