The painful death of an elephant due to burning tires, the anger of Kamal Haasan, know what he said


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Updated: Saturday, January 23, 2021, 17:16 [IST]

Chennai. An example of how far humans have been getting away from humanity day by day was found in Tamil Nadu. The video of a tire burning on an elephant near the Nilgiris here is going viral on social media. This injured elephant died on 19 January. Tamil Nadu police, who came into action after the video went viral, arrested Raymond Mallan Malcolm and Prasath Sugumaran in the case. The burning video on the elephant’s ears can be seen in the viral video. Due to which the elephant started to run around with pain. During this time, the area around his ear got badly burnt.

The painful death of an elephant due to burning tires, the anger of Kamal Haasan, know what he said

Since the video was viral, people have been feeling angry on social media. Celebs are also giving their feedback on Twitter. Kamal Haasan, Koina Mitra, Pranitha Subhash and other celebs expressed anger on Twitter. Kamal Haasan tweeted in Tamil and condemned the elephant’s death. He said, “We cut down the forests and made the nation. We forgot the story of the wildlife. How did the custom to burn them alive? Koina tweeted,” Extinction of humanity! “, While Subhas said,” What about humanity Happened?”

What’s in the video

Actually, the elephant came very close to the resort run by Malcolm. After this, the locals filled kerosene in a tire, set it on fire and threw it on the elephant. Due to this, the elephant had a deep wound near its ear. Due to which the bleeding continued continuously. The Collector of Nilgiri district has now confirmed the sealing of the resort. Many attempts were made to save the injured elephant.

But he died on 19 January. The forest department was already treating the elephant due to a deep wound on his back. The department also deployed staff to look after elephants. Autopsy has also revealed lesions on the ear and back.

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