‘The New Window’, an updated version of Microsoft window can be launched next month, know the specialty

The marketing name for Windows 10X will be ‘The New Window’.

Updates and maintenance will be easy in the upcoming new version of Microsoft and it will be more resistant than its earlier model in terms of hacking.

Microsoft may soon launch an updated version of Microsoft Window named Windows 10X as ‘The New Window’. According to Microsoft Tipster Walking Cat, Microsoft can name its new window version Windows 10X or ‘The New Window’. Although the release date of the new window is still uncertain but according to sources, the company can announce it by March or April 2021. It was being said that the marketing name of Windows 10X would be ‘The New Window’. Microsoft previously thought that this operating system would be made only for devices with dual screens, but later it was changed to single screen, which includes mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Windows10X will be the most up-to-date Microsoft technology window ever. Updates and maintenance will be easy in this version and it will be more resistant than its earlier model in terms of hacking. It will get a new feature like a tablet-like start menu that will only work on the Modern Universal Window Platform (UWPS) store app and Progressive Web App (PWAs).

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Although compatible Win32 apps of earlier models will also operate on it, but their performance will not be the same. According to an October 2020 report, Windows 10X will undergo major changes in 2021 and will be launched in the market with a new interface, which is named ‘Sun Valley’. In addition to Sun Valley’s update to the new Window 10, Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10X in the market. According to various sources, Microsoft is going to do a ‘What’s New for Windows’ event at the 2021 ‘Developers Conference’ in April or May. , Which will be after the ‘What’s new for gaming’ event to be held in late April.

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Windows 10X will come in the market with pre-installed devices, Microsoft believes that the operating system will get stability from this. Keeping in mind the competition with ChromeOS, the company will currently make the new window available only for low budget laptops.


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