The mysterious house has been closed for 100 years, everyone saw it, but no one went to live!

There are many such mysterious places on earth, where no one knows about. Humans see them but they do not know what is the history behind it (Historical Places On Earth)? A similar house is built among the huge Dolomite Mountains of Italy, where no one has gone for a century. There is nothing around the house except mountains.

After seeing the house, you will be forced to think that how was the house built at such a height? The height of the house is about 9000 feet (Empty Home for 100 Years) above sea level and it is said that the house was built during the First World War. Now what would have been used for this house at that time, it is a matter of thinking. Apart from this, who would have built this house and how, this is also a big question.

Army had built the house
According to experts, this house was built by Italian soldiers for the purpose of resting during the battle with the Austro-Hungarian army. They also used this place as a store room. Where they used to keep the goods brought for the army safe. The house has been constructed in a very different way. The help of wood, rope and cable has been taken in the construction of this entire house. The house being built right in the middle of the mountain is a wonder in itself. The road to reach here is difficult. There is only one old wooden bridge to reach the house, from which we reach here.

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Amazing to see from a height of thousands of feet
Due to being at an altitude of thousands of feet, this place seems to be in a completely different world. If you look down from above, the weak hearted will be scared. Mountains are the only mountains far and wide and nothing is visible. The house is centuries old, so people are also advised not to go here. Hiking enthusiasts want to go here but they can go at their own risk.

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