The Muslim country where the legal age of marriage of girls is only 16 years, the government is not ready to make 18

Earlier, the minimum legal age of marriage in India was 18 years for girls. This age is also correct in medical terms and people also did not have any problem with it. At the age of 18, the girl’s body becomes fit to bear the pain of becoming a mother. Also, by this age, girls also become intelligent. They also learn how to manage the household. But now preparations are on to make this age limit 21. But today we are going to tell you about a Muslim country where the minimum age of marriage for girls is 16 years.

We are talking about Malaysia. Islam is considered the official religion in this country. Also, the Muslim population here is very high. In such a situation, the laws of this country have also been made keeping Islam in mind. The minimum age of marriage for girls in Malaysia is 16 years. For many years, people here have been demanding to increase this age limit. But the government has categorically refused to do so.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s Department Minister Idris Ahmed has made it clear that the government has no intention of raising the minimum age for marriage for Muslim girls from 16 to 18. They believe that the age of 16 is perfect for the marriage of girls. This decision was passed after the meeting of the government. The government was getting pressure from many places to increase the age limit. But now the government has made it clear that the minimum age limit will not be increased from 16 to 18.

The decision not to increase the age limit was taken after the meeting

For your more information, let us tell you that according to the Human Rights 2014 report of the US State Department, the minimum age limit for marriage of Muslim girls in Trinidad and Tobago is 12 years. Muslim boys can get married at 16. Whereas the legal age limit here is 18 years. Apart from this, in Estonia, Europe, the minimum age for marriage of a girl is 15 years.

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