The mistress bought a birthday gift of Rs 4 lakh for the cat! Wears new clothes every day, takes her to the parlor

Many people in the world are Animal Lovers. They can do anything for their pets, they can go to any extent. Many people also buy expensive clothes and accessories for them. But today we are going to tell you about a woman who has bought a birthday gift of Rs 4 lakh for her cat (Woman gift 4 lakh rupees locket to cat). This is not a small gift, it is a golden locket for cat, which may never be bought by common man.

We are talking about Haliza Maysuri, a businesswoman from Malaysia (Malaysia woman cat lover). According to the report of Daily Star, Halija recently celebrated her cat Mani’s fourth birthday (Woman give expensive gift to cat). Ever since she bought the cat from the pet shop, she has spent lakhs of rupees on it, but recently everyone is getting stunned to know about the money she has spent on the cat.

A locket worth Rs 4 lakh has been bought for the cat. (Photo: Instagram)

Bought a gold locket worth Rs 4 lakh
Although Halija and her husband also have two more cats, but they have a special love for money. This is the reason that on Mani’s fourth birthday, the couple has bought a gold locket worth Rs 4.5 lakh for her. Halija also keeps sharing photos of her cat on Instagram. A cat’s locket is also visible in these photos. The cat’s name and date of birth are also written on the locket.

Every month the cat goes to the parlor
Halija told that her husband is very fond of cats and he also takes them with him on work trips and holidays. He told that this year he could not buy the necklace on the day of the cat’s birthday as there was a lockdown during that time and he wanted to buy only custom made necklace for the cat. Not only this, she spends so much on the cat that she wears new clothes every day. The cat goes to the parlor every month. It also has a spa treatment. Halija considers the cat her family. He is quite famous on Tiktok and cat videos get millions of views.

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