The minister was giving interview, the child showed carrot, then something like this happened – The carrot video shown by the woman minister’s son during her interview went viral | The minister was giving the interview, the child showed the carrot, then something like this happened –

Digital Desk, New Zealand. A video of New Zealand’s Minister of Social Development Carmel Sepuloni is becoming fiercely viral on social media these days. In the video, Carmel Sepuloni is seen giving an interview in a room when her son walks into the room and starts showing carrots. Carmel tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.
Minister Carmel was doing a live Zoom interview with Radio Samoa. Meanwhile, their younger son comes into the room to show Carmel a strange carrot he found in the groceries. He starts showing the carrots and Carmel was seen repeatedly stopping him from doing so.
This video has been viewed more than 70 thousand times on social media. When Carmel’s son entered the room, he hurriedly apologized to Radio Samoa and said – wait a second, my son is in the room. After that his son started showing carrots which Carmel had also tried to snatch from him.
When Carmel Sepuloni was snatching carrots from her son, she told him I was doing an interview and was online, after which her boy said, Oh
Minister Carmel shared this funny incident on Twitter and wrote that the moment you are doing a live interview via zoom and your son comes into the room screaming and starts showing a strange carrot. We were almost wrestling with carrots on camera, and I’m laughing about it now, but it wasn’t like that at the time.


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