The merciless mother locked the girl in the room with 19 cats, when she came out after 3 years, she forgot to even stand on her feet

A mother can never be bad for her children. However, knowing the story of a Russian mother we are going to tell you, your faith will be lifted from this saying. This mother named Alprika Raine persecuted her own 6-year-old daughter in such a way that the girl forgot to speak and even walk.

At the age in which the mother walks around her children by the chest, at that age, the ruthless mother handed over her daughter to 19 cats (Girl Raised by Cats). The girl lived among these cats in a dark room without a window for 3 years. She used to get only Cat Food to eat and the mother herself did not even come to see her. The girl lived like this for 3 years.

The girl has started thinking of herself as a cat
The daughter must have been 3 years old when Alprika, who lives in Taldom, near Moscow, handed her daughter over to cats. The 35-year-old mother herself lived with her elder daughter in another smart home, while the younger daughter was kept in a dark room with animals. The child used to get the same food that the cats used to eat. When she was rescued by the police officers, the girl did not understand the language of humans, but used to go anywhere only when cats called. She was walking on four legs like her, understanding her name as Kitty. Rene herself used to go to that place once in 8-10 days to clean the mess.

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Mother gets 3 years in jail
When Alprico was asked why did he do this to his daughter? In response to this question, the mother said in a TV interview that she had noticed a strange change in the nature of the daughter at the age of 3, after which she locked the child in a dark room with cats, while keeping her elder daughter in her room. kept together. This secret was revealed when the police officers saw an elderly man giving food to the cats in and out of that house. This man was the godfather of the ruthless mother, who did not stop her from abusing the child. The girl is still thinking of herself as a cat and reacts to her voice.

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