The man who went to cut long grass in the garden of the house, the disgusting thing came out of the bottle found in the harvesting

What if you find a private part in a bottle while cleaning the house? Maybe after that you will run away from home. Something similar happened with a person living in Argentina. A man living in Backers, Argentina, was blown away when he, while cleaning the garden of his mother’s house, found a bottle filled with a very scary thing.

A gardener by profession, this man was cleaning his mother’s garden. The man smelled of the garden. The grass in the woman’s garden had grown a lot. His son thought that maybe a mouse must have died among them. To find him, the man decided to cut the grass. But during this time a bottle was found in his hand, inside which the private part of the man was cut and inserted.

Was cleaning after three months
As soon as the person saw the private part of the person in the bottle, immediately informed the police. According to local reports, this bottle was broken during cleaning. After this, such a smell spread that it was difficult to tolerate. The police have started forensic investigation by taking the jar in their possession.

penis found in bottle
Shocked neighbors
The news of getting a human private part from the bottle spread like fire. Neighbors told that the person who got the bottle was the gardener, whom the woman had called for cleaning. He was not her son. So far it is not known why the human part was cut into the bottle and thrown? Some people are also calling it black magic. At the same time, the police is looking for such cases in nearby hospitals, where a person who has cut a private part has come for treatment.

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