The man who does not have any pain, has got his private part pierced 278 times

You must have heard many times that a man does not feel pain. If this logic is followed, then there will be no man in this world bigger than the 61-year-old Rolf living in Germany. Rolf is very fond of getting piercings done in his body. In this hobby, Rolf has got his body pierced more than four and a half hundred times. By making holes in them, he gets iron or steel rods inserted. The most surprising thing is that he has got most of these rods pierced in his private part.

Rolf holds the world record for most metal piercings in the world. He has got a total of 473 metal piercings done. Rolf, who lives in Dortmund, Germany, has got many tattoos done in his body. Tattoos are also done in the iris of Rolfe’s eyes. He has got many piercings done in his private part. Now she has shared with people that how is her sex life after so many metal piercings?

Holes have been done in the whole body a total of four and a half hundred times

She told that she has no problem in romancing her partner. If this was the case, he would have got all his metals removed. For her, her partner’s happiness matters the most. But he has no problem with them. Rolf first got piercing done at the age of 40. Since then he has not stopped. Now her entire body is full of tattoos and piercings.

Told sex life the best

Rolf works in the telecom industry. 90 percent of his body is full of tattoos. Along with this, he also told that which was the most painful tattoo ever? According to Rolf, getting a tattoo in the palm was the most painful for him. This modification caused him the most pain. Rolf has also grown two horns on his head. Let us tell you that once Rolf was not given entry in UAE due to body modification. He was stopped at the airport as a black magician.

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