The man went for camping in the forest, then the lion entered the tent, and then something like this happened… – Watch Shocking Video

The man had gone for camping in the forest, then the lion entered the tent

Cinematographer Robert Hoffmeyer was working on a project in Botswana with his brother-in-law when he encountered a scene that would shock any of us. When a lion entered their camping tent. According to Robert Hoffmeyer, after his first night camping at Kalgadi Transfrontier Park, when he woke up before dawn, he saw a lion.

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He was described by Viral Hog as saying, “It was about 6 o’clock, it was still dark, we were making coffee and brushing our teeth. When I looked up, the eyes of a young male lion came from the light of my flashlight. I was falling.”

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Robert Hoffmeyer immediately asked his brother-in-law to get in the car and as they both got inside the car to be safe, they began to record the scene.

Crying footage filmed by Mr. Hoffmeyer shows the lion circling his tent and scattering his belongings.

Hoffmeyer said, “The lion began to poke my sleeping bag in his mouth, which was no less amusing to me, so we started the car and headed for the tent, leaving the sleeping bag behind for a bit.” ” He said the big cat was healthy and didn’t look aggressive at all, just curious.


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