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The Last Mercenary Review: Earlier it was only in English films that the hero was easily shown as a secret agent and he was working under cover or he was an action superhero who could destroy everything by going to the enemy’s stronghold alone. And he used to have many jobs. In contrast, French cinema was always known for its artistic cinema. There used to be a new type of story, the style of romance was different, the relationship between the characters had a new kind of warp. Everything has changed in the last 10 years and now action films are being made in French. David Caron’s latest film “The Last Mercenary” is another name in this episode, but in this film the famous action of super hit action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme. Despite this, the film did not leave the expected impact. Worth watching, not worth liking.

In American Pulp Fiction, the hero of the novel is an extraordinary person. He has some or the other characteristic, on the basis of which he proves to be better than the rest of his peers. Either he specializes in gun-wielding, or he has medals in martial arts, or his bodybuilding is very watchable, or he is adept at the art of fighting without weapons in China and Japan. Jean-Claude is such a hero. Originally from Belgium, 61-year-old Jean-Claude did a film in 1988 – Bloodsports. In this, he had to establish the reputation of his clan by participating in an underground martial arts tournament like Bruce Lee. This type of martial arts had not been seen before, the film went on for a long time and the career of Jean-Claude took off. Worked in many action films, most of which were also successful. In The Last Mercenary also made a film on a very old story with the intention of capitalizing on the same action hero image of Jean-Claude.

Jean-Claude is in the role of a Secret Service agent, about whom many types of stories are prevalent. No one has ever seen him, he has solved many secret missions alone and he is compared to the mist because he cannot see anything in the mist. On some mission he falls in love and his girlfriend becomes pregnant. Relationship building in the Secret Service is done just for need and because of this, Jean-Claude has to leave his girlfriend and go underground. In return, he demands from the government to give full protection to the entire cost of the upbringing of his future son. The government agrees. Jean-Claude goes missing and the task of raising his son is given to his friend, who raises him by becoming the father of the child. Years later, an over-enthusiastic accountant puts a stop to this expenditure and the entire army unit sets out to kill Jean-Claude’s son Samir D’Caza. The whole story ahead is about Jean-Claude saving his son. Running from place to place, dealing with the army and old enemies, Jean-Claude had to fight one more battle – to tell his son about himself.

Some scenes in the film look funny and some are very tired. The story lacks novelty. Many such films have already been made. Kingsman The Secret Service, Johnny English, Austin Powers Series Movies. A little action, a little comedy, a little fun gadgets and a lot of confusion are the specialty of such films. The odd dilemma with The Last Mercenary was that he was making comedy and action films, but where there was action, there was comedy and where there was comedy, there was action. Jean-Claude is an old player but he too has got bored doing the same type of role and same type of action. Al Pacino’s film Scarface (on which Amitabh Bachchan’s film Agneepath was based) is mentioned several times. A drug mafia who is influenced by the Scarface movie and keeps hitting his dialogues again and again, manages to laugh in a couple of scenes but after that he starts getting bored.

David Caron and Ismail Savane have made a story similar to Biryani. The story has secret service, patriotism, father and son besides mafia, illegal weapons, zealous bureaucrats, fast paced army and many goons who are kept to kill and even drug smuggling. And there are many car chase scenes as well. Whatever masala could have been put in the name of Total Jama Entertainment. Therefore, those who watch Jackie Chan’s films will like this film. The season of comedy went bad otherwise biryani was being made just fine. The weakness of the film lies in its editing more than the script. Unnecessary scenes could have been removed. The director should also have spent some time on which scenes he should shoot and which should not while shooting the film. In most of the action scenes, there is every possibility that the hero and his son will now become victims of bullets, but this does not happen. This is a bit difficult to digest. In the 90s, such comedy action films used to run a lot in America.

Watch The Last Mercenary if you are fully cooked and don’t want to watch mind-boggling movies and reminisce about your 90s days. There have been many better films in action comedy than this, but at the moment this French film is available on Netflix by dubbing in English. Time will not be wasted, but if it is used properly, its feeling will not come.

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