The laptop charger became so hot that the cookie was baked, you can also see the stunning photo

(Photo: Twitter / mea @ MIA_mea_)

Viral Story: People are very much liking this post which is getting viral on social media. So far, 4 lakh likes have come on these photos. This post was done on Thursday.

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  • Last Updated:January 16, 2021, 2:23 PM IST

new Delhi. Everyone is worried about the heating of mobiles, laptops and their chargers. Sometimes, the situation becomes such that it becomes difficult to touch them. However, after several serious cases related to this, companies are constantly improving their device, but the device continues to heat up. Many times, due to overcharging or overheating, the device is also damaged. In such a situation, a person has used a hot charger to tighten the company and make his work easier.

Many times the device is heated to such an extent that it comes out of our mouth that it is so hot, it can also be cooked. At the same time, a Twitter user has found a unique way to prepare cookies. This user named MIA_mea has posted a picture, which shows that he tried to make a cookie on the laptop charger. In the next photo posted, the cookie looks ready.

This post, which is becoming viral on social media, is very much liked by the people. So far, 4 lakh likes have come on these photos. This post was done on Thursday. At the same time, many Twitter users are making fun of the charger in its own way just like this photo. One user posted a photo of the egg on the charger. At the same time, it is being told in the next photo that the egg omelette has been made from the heat of the charger.

A user says that when your computer comes with cookie maker. One user even said that because of sleeping on the charger, there has been a burn on his face. However, if thought seriously, the charger heating in the photo posted by the user is a matter of great concern. Apart from this, many accidents related to overheating of the device have also been reported.


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