The international community should not rush to recognize the Taliban | International community should not rush to recognize Taliban – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Doha. Qatar’s deputy foreign minister, Lolwah Rashid al-Khatar, said he urged the international community not to rush to recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan. As Khama Press reports, al-Khatar in his interview with Foreign Policy called on his international partners not to be too hasty in identifying the Taliban, but at the same time asked the world to continue engaging with them. .

He said that joining the Taliban does not mean approving his government, but by joining the Taliban, the world can achieve bigger goals. It is now more than 50 days since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, but it has not yet been recognized by any country, as the world has its own terms that have not been applied to Afghanistan.

The deputy foreign minister confirmed the conflict between the Taliban and said that there is a difference in the behavior of the elderly members of the Taliban and the younger ones. Al-Khatar said the Taliban can learn from Qatar, Malaysia and Indonesia, which have Islamic laws and women working and receiving education in their governments. He expressed concern over the Taliban’s caretaker government, which is not inclusive, and said the announcement did not meet Qatar’s expectations.



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