‘The Girl on the Train’ review: know how this new film of Parineeti Chopra

– Dinesh Thakur

There are three types of suspense films. The first one in which the audience knows who the murderer is, but the hero-heroine comes to know about him in the last reels. Secondly, in which neither the audience nor the hero-heroine is known before the climax. The third type of films is dangerous. Neither the audience nor the hero-heroine nor the film makers know who the murderer is. In such films, when Raita gets quite spread, the film makers probably resort to the slip process to cover the story. One of the slips in the names of all the artists is raised. The one whose name opens, is said to be a murderer. In this trick, many times the slip of the name of the hero or heroine is opened. The Girl on the Train Movie, which came out on OTT on Friday, is a similar film. The train of its story echoes so much from beginning to end that the mind starts to move.

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Unsurprising character, delirious actress
Hollywood has made a decent film in 2016 on the British writer Paula Hawkins novel ‘The Girl on the Train’ by the same name. The film of Bollywood people is based on the same. Ribhu Dasgupta’s ‘The Girl on the Train’ is a new example of how bad the film’s map can be if the story is not told well. The Hollywood film was pulled by the heroine Emily Blunt. Parineeti Chopra in the same character looks like Parineeti Chopra, as if a dull player in playing Kho Kho is forcibly removed in the badminton match. His character is written with as much reluctance as he has played. This character creates a tantrum rather than arousing sympathy towards him.

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Vodka Chaska, Metro Travel
The story revolves in London. Advocate Parineeti Chopra gets another shock after an abortion in the accident, when a lustful husband (Avinash Tiwari) divorces her and remarries. Parineeti already had a taste of vodka. She completely drowns in alcohol after the relationship breaks down. At one place, she says, ‘I don’t want to change my past. I want to change the present. But they do not seem to be doing anything in this direction. Every day she leaves work and gets ‘tunn’ and rides in the metro. The knowledgeable has said, “Look, Pari Chopri don’t get tempted.” Who listens to the knowledgeable Lives of people. ‘Parai Chopri’ entices too much. Parineeti Chopra’s life in the film also attracts Aditi Rao Hydari, who looks happy. She never met Aditi, but daily, while traveling in the metro, stares at Aditi’s house through the window. Seeing this film, it was found that while traveling in the metro, you can not only see a house so clean, but also can see what the people living in it are doing. However, one day Aditi is killed suddenly. Police also suspect Parineeti, who is also suffering from amnesia. The murderer is exposed to the events of Basirpar. Those watching the film get nothing but ‘Dhat Teri Ki’.

Origin story entangled in lifeless events
There is a need for wisdom in copying too. The makers of ‘The Girl on the Train’ spread the web of such lifeless events that instead of speculating that the original story got entangled. There was no scope for songs. The songs intermittently drip like guests. The film’s already sluggish pace slows down further. In a scene, the London police officer (Kirti Kulhari) says to the troubled Hall Parineeti: “Will you tell me what is going on?” This question should be asked to the film makers, what is going on the screen? Photography is fine in some parts, but in many cases, long scenes of red and yellow light also reduce its effect. Neither the script was well written, nor the dialogue. There is not a single character who has a chance to emerge.

0 Film: The Girl on the Train
0 Rating: 2/5
0 Duration: 2 hours
0 Writing, direction: Ribhu Dasgupta
0 Dialogue: Gaurav Shukla, Abhijeet Khuman
0 Photography: Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni
0 Music: Sunny Inder, Vipin Patwa
0 Artists: Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kirti Kulhari, Avinash Tiwari, Parrot Roy Choudhary etc.


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