The flies were buzzing outside the closed house for many days, the scary thing seen from the hole in the door

There are many types of crime cases in the world. Recently a case of crime came to light from UK. This matter might not have come to the notice of the people if there were no flies. A lot of flies were flying outside a house closed for several days in Leicester. These flies were increasing day by day. Along with this, strong smell was also coming from the house. When the neighbor peeped through the door of the house to know the reason for this, a scary thing was seen inside.

A person living in a house here had died (Man Died In Home Alone). The man lived alone in the house. He was not friends with anyone. Because of this, the attention of the people did not go towards this that the person has not been seen for many days. But when the corpse started rotting inside the house, the house started smelling. With this, flies started buzzing outside the house. Due to these flies, the neighbor’s attention went towards the house. When he looked through the hole in the letterbox of the door, he saw the dead body inside.

Mental patient saw the dead body
According to the news published in The Leicester Live, the body of the deceased was first seen by 35-year-old Linda Wharton’s son Craig. There was a strong smell from inside. Because of that, Craig, a victim of autism, peeped from the man’s house. He saw a dead body inside. He immediately went home and told his mother about it. The woman informed the police about this.

dead body was not worth carrying
The police then broke the door and took the dead body in their possession. The body was in such a bad condition that it was difficult to lift it. Many people together put the dead body in the bag. However, after the removal of the body, the place was not cleaned. Because of this people still have to face the stench. The authority has said to clean the place at the earliest.

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