The feat of the iPhone, even after falling from the flight, the phone did not get a single scratch

Many news related to the exploits of Apple iPhones have come to us. There have been many such reports in which it has been told that the iPhone continued to work well even after falling into the lakes. Now another similar anecdote has surfaced on the internet. A pilot’s iPhone lands on the runway during takeoff and a conversation ensues between the pilot and an air traffic control agent at Orlando Executive Airport. Air traffic control is notified that a pilot flying a Seminole aircraft dropped his iPhone on the runway.

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The iPhone, like every other flagship smartphone, gets upgraded with sturdier glass every few years. The iPhone 7 was the first to add water resistance and has slowly improved over the years. In 2018, the iPhone XS received an update that allowed the iPhone to continue to work fine despite falling to a depth of two meters, and the 2020 iPhone 12 could land up to six meters under water and stay there for up to thirty minutes.

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The iPhone fell from the plane running at 50-60 mph but still the phone remained on, when the pilot came to know about this, he could not believe it, the pilot’s first question was ‘How broken is the screen?’ Incredibly, the operations crew responded that the iPhone’s screen was working fine. The Orlando ground crew said they had never heard of an iPhone falling more than four feet.

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