The ‘devil’ was hiding in the woman’s shoes, started drinking blood as soon as she put her feet, screaming at the sight

Just imagine that you are going for a morning walk and suddenly you find something in your shoes, which is not expected, then what will happen? Something similar happened with a woman from Australia. He put on his shoes to go out of the house and found a devil hidden in his shoes, who was intent on drinking all the blood of his body.

An Australian woman named Zoe (@zoenesquik) was going on a walk as usual. She had just started walking wearing her shoes that suddenly she felt something strange (Woman has fizzing sensation in her feet). When he looked down on his socks, he saw a lump-like bulge in his leg. The woman started running here and there in panic, yet she had no idea what this lump was after all?

leech was drinking blood
Seeing the bulge in the leg and then the blood, the terrified woman started screaming. Although she herself was not able to see the condition of her feet. When Zoe took off her socks with courage and threw it, she saw a leech hidden in shoes, which was drinking blood from her feet. Leach was clinging to his feet. Now Zoe, with the help of one of her friends, somehow rescued him from his feet. The woman picked up that leech with the help of a tissue and clicked her photo too. Although he was still looking for more blood.

Shared video on TikTok
Zoe made a video of this entire incident and shared it on social media. This video has been viewed 15 million times on TikTok so far. People are also giving their reaction after seeing this incident. Most of the users are expressing their condolences on this incident with Zoe. Most people have said that they are deeply saddened by this incident with Zoe. Some people also said that it will take a long time for Zoe to recover from this incident. Some people praised Zoe’s bravery, saying that if she had been in her place, she might have died.


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