The couple was enjoying parasailing in the air, suddenly the rope broke! Video of Gujarat will surprise

It is not just about everyone to do adventure sports. It takes a lot of courage to participate in such games. Because during these games, accidents often happen, whose videos also go viral on social media. These days one such video is becoming increasingly viral in which a couple is seen doing Parasailing Viral Video. But suddenly something happens that you will be stunned to see.

These days a surprising video of Diu Gujarat Parasailing Video is going viral on social media. The video has been posted by a software engineer named Rahul Dhrecha. According to the report of Times of India, Ajit Kathadh, a resident of Junagadh, had gone to Diu for a holiday with his wife Sarla. Both of them made a plan to do parasailing on a beach in Diu, but where did they know that their plan would bring a scary experience.

the rope suddenly broke in the air
It is seen in the video that the couple goes in the air with the help of rope and parachute. But after some time the rope suddenly breaks and both of them with parachute and life jacket fly into the air and later fall into the sea. The sound of screaming of the relative of the couple who is making this video is also heard in the video. According to the report, the couple lands comfortably in the sea and they are immediately taken out safely.

video viral on social media
Mohan Laxman, owner of Palm Adventure and Water Sport, while talking to Times of India said that such an accident has happened for the first time. The wind was very high that day, so this incident has happened, otherwise parasailing is safe. He said that the staff of his adventure camp is well trained and such a mistake can never happen because of him. However, on social media, people are pleading with the Diu administration to punish the camp for using weak ropes and bad equipment. On the other hand, Rakesh, who made the video, said that when he saw the rope of his brother and sister-in-law breaking, he felt very compelled. He did not understand what to do at that time.

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