The bride asked for 1 lakh CASH from each guest, no one cancellated the wedding

Britain’s Suzaine demands cash in her wedding as a gift

A woman from Britain canceled her marriage four days ago. The reason became cheating from friends. Actually, this woman wanted to have a grand wedding with the money she got from her friends. But none of his friends gave him money. In such a situation, the trust of the woman was broken and she canceled the marriage.

Every person in the world wants to make their marriage grand. Savings are done for this for many years. In India, after the birth of a daughter, her parents start adding money. But people abroad save themselves for their wedding. A woman living in Britain also wanted a similar grand wedding. For this, he had also added money with his boyfriend. But with this money, she could not have a Dream Wedding. Therefore, the woman asked her friends to give one lakh rupees as a gift at the wedding. But after knowing this, none of his friends were ready to come to the wedding. For this reason, the woman canceled her marriage.

Wanted to live in film life one day
The woman has been identified as Suzanne. Suzanne was to have a grand wedding like Hollywood stars. For this, he kept a demand to give one lakh cash as a gift to his friends in marriage. At first, his friends agreed to come. But on this occasion, all the friends refused for fear of giving money. This provoked Suzanne greatly and canceled her marriage.

Told friends snakeSuzanne says that all her friends turned out to be snakes. Now he does not have to have any relationship with anyone. Suzanne made a grand wedding plan from the fund she had received from friends. But nobody gave him money. Suzanne shared her pain on Facebook. In the post, Suzanne wrote that she fell in love at the age of 14 and got engaged at 18. At the age of 20, she had become the mother of a child. The Grand Wedding was his dream but his dream could not be fulfilled due to the deception of friends.

Will live alone now

Suzanne had added 12 lakh rupees together with her lover. But for the wedding Suzanne wanted, 50 lakh rupees was needed for her. To arrange for the remaining money, Suzanne had asked for a gift in cash, knowing that no one came to the wedding. Now Suzanne is left to roam alone after canceling the wedding. He wrote that now he does not need friends like these snakes. That alone is enough.


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