The actress was burning pomegranate with sparklers on Diwali, then there was a blast and then…watch video

Rani Chatterjee shared Diwali video

New Delhi :

Bhojpuri film actress Rani Chatterjee has shared a video of Diwali night on her Instagram. By sharing this video, he has also warned people. It can be seen in this video that Rani Chatterjee is celebrating Diwali and lighting firecrackers. In this video, Rani Chatterjee is seen burning pomegranate with a sparkler. It is often seen that when pomegranate is burnt with a burning sparkler, it burns quickly. But here Rani Chatterjee takes some time and then suddenly there is a blast.

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But thankfully, Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee remains safe and narrowly escapes. Sharing this video, Rani Chatterjee wrote, ‘Yesterday it happened. Me and Sameer were saved, but please friends, you guys stay safe. This video of Rani Chatterjee is becoming very viral on social media and people are also commenting for the actress.


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