‘That boy cheated on me’ – Nupur Sanon recounts her first memories of heartbreak

New Delhi: When someone’s heart is broken for the first time, it hurts a lot. Actress Nupur Sanon also had to go through this situation. She is the sister of Bollywood’s famous actress Kriti Sanon. Nupur has expressed her heart for the first time. He has told how was his reaction when someone broke his heart for the first time. Nupur was seen with Akshay Kumar in the music video of ‘Filhaal 2’ a few days ago.

According to media reports, in a conversation, the actress had said, ‘I dated for the first time when I was in the second or third year of college. I was from a school where everyone had a boyfriend, but I found it very childish. I am someone who likes slightly more mature boys. That’s why I think I started dating for the first time in my second year of college.’

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She further says, ‘I was really naive. I used to believe that everyone is good. That boy cheated on me… I came to know at home at around one o’clock in the night, then a very emotional film scene was created. My room was next to my parents’ room. They would know when I cried. So I put down my phone at 1 o’clock and went to the washroom. I closed the door and turned on the exhaust fan. Thank God the exhaust fan in my washroom was amazing. I sat down and cried a lot. Nupur said that her age must have been around 20 years at that time.

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