Tamil film ‘Seththuman’ and director Karishma Dubey’s ‘Bittu’ won awards at IFFLA

Los Angeles. Tamil filmmaker Thamizh’s debut film ‘Seththuman’ and Karisma Dubey’s short film ‘Bittu’ received the top awards at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA). The 19th edition of IFFLA ends on Thursday. The 8-day film festival showcased 40 films produced in 17 languages, of which 16 were by women directors. The jury of Milan Chakraborty, Nathan Fischer and Jane Wilson declared Thamizh’s ‘Seththuman’ as the winner of the ‘Grand Jury Award for Best Feature’. The jury said that this film has influenced him a lot both in film making and drama-art. Filmmaker Sajin Babu’s Malayalam film ‘Biryani’ received ‘Honorable Mention’ while Ajitpal Singh’s ‘Fire in Mountain’ received ‘Audience Award for Best Feature’. Karisma Dubey’s ‘Bittu’ took the ‘Grand Jury Prize for Best Short’ award into her bag. The film was in the running to receive a nomination at the 2021 Oscar Awards. The jury of short films included Tanuj Chopra, Nick Dodney and Sakina Geoffrey. He described the film as ‘interesting and compelling’. The jury awarded National Award-winning filmmaker Reema Das ‘For Each Other’ and filmmakers Upamanyu Bhattacharya and Kalp Sanghi with ‘Honorable Mention’ for ‘Wade’. Actress Nivika Chaliki was awarded ‘Honorable Mention’ for her role in Forever Tonight. Director Karishma Dev Dubey next to the ‘Best Live Action Short Film’ category of the 93rd Academy Award for her short film ‘Bittu’ She was overwhelmed by reaching the round. In February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) released a list of shortlisted films for 9 categories, including the category of ‘Best Live Action Short Film’, for which a total of 174 entries were received. ‘Bittu’ is among the 10 shortlisted films, including ‘Da Yi’, ‘Feeling Through’, ‘The Human Voice’, ‘The Kickslade Choir’, ‘The Letter Room’, ‘The Present’, ‘Two Distant Strangers’ ‘,’ The Van ‘and’ White Eye ‘. Now there will be a competition to get a place in the last 5 among these films, which will be announced on 15 March. Bittu, a short story based on a true story, tells the story of a close friendship between two girls, who fall victim to an accident at their school. Dubey said that it is a proud moment for the entire team that his film has been honored by the academy. The director said in a statement, ‘It is the dream of every filmmaker to receive appreciation from the academy, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Although this honor is not my only one, I made this film with a team of amazing actors and workers, for which I am very grateful. He said, ‘I am very happy that Bittu has succeeded in representing this team and my country on this platform.’

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