Taliban will push its own soldiers to death for the sake of friendship

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Amidst the threats coming from Pakistan, now the Taliban is going to take a big step. Taliban will officially add suicide bombers to its army. Let us tell you that after coming to power, the Taliban have started feeling the threat of their neighboring country Pakistan. Due to which now the Taliban government of Afghanistan is going to take these steps. And she is about to recruit suicide bombers into her Taliban special squad.

Here the enmity is increasing due to the fencing between Pakistan and the Taliban government, called friends. Pakistan is working on fencing the Durand Line. The Taliban are engaged in uprooting the fence put up by Pakistan against them. On which Pak believes that the blood of Pak soldiers has been shed for fencing. This work will not stop, against which the Taliban-ruled Afghan government says that Pakistan will not allow it to fence. Talking to Tolo News, Taliban commander Mawlawi Sanaullah Sangeen said that we will not allow fencing under any circumstances. Pakistan did what it did earlier, will not let it do it now.

Let us tell you that for nearly two decades, Taliban suicide bombers have fought hard to defeat American and Afghan soldiers. The Taliban used suicide bombers as a key weapon. Now after coming to power, the Taliban want to include such attackers in their fighting force. The Taliban wants to join all the scattered aggressors as one political force to defend itself and Afghanistan.

Giving information about the special squad, Taliban deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi said that those who wish to sacrifice will be included in the operation of the special forces.


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