Taliban fly American chopper with body hanging from rope | After America’s exit, the Taliban blew up the body from the Black Hawk helicopter

Digital Desk, Kabul. A new video has surfaced in which an American Black Hawk helicopter can be seen flying over Kandahar, Afghanistan, with a dead body hanging from a rope.

Several journalists shared the video on Twitter, claiming that the brutal Taliban killed a man and hung him from a US military helicopter that had been taken out to patrol Kandahar province. The video shot from the ground does not clearly show whether the man tied to the helicopter is alive or not.

However, footage shared by Talib Times, a Twitter account claiming to be associated with the Taliban, said, ‘Our Air Force! At this time, helicopters of the Islamic Emirate’s Air Force are flying over the city of Kandahar and patrolling the city.

The Daily Mail said that the US supplied at least 7 Black Hawk helicopters to Afghanistan last month, in addition to all the defense equipment the US has now left in Afghanistan, which has accumulated over the years.

After leaving Afghanistan, the US military said it had disabled 73 aircraft, 27 Humvees, weapon systems and other high-tech defense equipment before boarding the final flight.

Within hours of the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul airport, the Taliban entered the compound and checked abandoned Chinook helicopters and other defense equipment of the US military. In the video, fighters of Badri 313 Battalion are seen checking the helicopters.

Videos of Taliban fighters racing cars and other vehicles on the runway of Kabul airport have also surfaced. Taliban leaders symbolically walked the runway to declare victory after 20 years of war in Afghanistan.


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