Taliban fighters seen boating in a lake in Hindu Kush mountains | Taliban fighters were seen boating in the lake of Hindu Kush mountains

Digital Desk, Afghanistan. Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, many such pictures of Taliban fighters were coming to the fore. Which was making a lot of headlines on social media. In which he was seen relaxing in an electric bumper car in the amusement park after the capture of Kabul, even having fun hanging on the fan of the helicopter. Now some similar pictures are going viral once again. In which Taliban fighters are seen boating in the lake of Hindu Kush mountains. These pictures have been shared by famous journalist Jake Hanrehan on his social media account. In which it can be seen that Taliban fighters are seen having fun. As per the Daily Mail report, these pictures were taken in BAND-E AMIR National Park.

This national park is especially popular among foreign tourists. Located at a distance of about 45 miles from Bamiyan, this national park has a series of six deep beautiful lakes which make this place very special. Let us tell you that in Afghanistan, now armed Taliban fighters have become quite common in public places. This week Taliban fighters appeared in a zoo in Kabul with dangerous weapons like AK-47s and M16 rifles. These Talibani were also interacting with the children and families who had come to visit the zoo.


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