Taiwan and US Coast Guard met, showed pressure from China

Image Source : CHUNG CHEN-FANG/PUBLIC DOMAIN PIC The Coast Guards of Taiwan and the US have met despite protests from China.

Beijing: Officials from the US and Taiwan Coast Guard met to discuss improving cooperation and communications despite China’s attempts to isolate the self-ruled island’s democracy. The meeting online on Tuesday comes amid moves by the US and others to oppose China’s pressure campaign to force the island to accept the idea that Taiwan is part of China.

Beijing’s demand rejected outright

China on Tuesday recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and expelled the Baltic country’s top representative to Beijing after Lithuania allowed autonomous Taiwan to open offices in its name in the country. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has increased diplomatic, economic and military pressure on Taiwan, whose residents have outright rejected Beijing’s demand for political integration with the mainland.

China tries to control Taiwan
China has long prevented Taiwan from participating in the United Nations and other international organizations and has increased such pressure since the 2016 election of independence-seeking Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. Given Beijing’s subjugation, the US maintains only informal ties with Taiwan but is the island’s major arms supplier and close political ally.

Many issues discussed in Tuesday’s meeting
Washington’s de facto embassy in Taipei, the ‘American Institute in Taiwan’, said in a statement that at Tuesday’s meeting, the sides would “commit to search and rescue, disaster relief, and environmental missions as well as improve communications and educational exchange of personnel.” -Discussed ways to improve joint maritime responses for opportunities to continue providing.’

America had talked about giving guns
“They will also continue to work on the common objectives of conserving marine resources,” the statement said. reducing illegal, and unregulated fishing; and also agreed to participate in joint maritime search and rescue and marine environmental response programs. The United States supports Taiwan’s meaningful participation and contribution to issues of global concern. Ahead of the meeting, the US announced the sale of 40 automatic howitzers to Taiwan in a deal worth $750 million, which was strongly condemned by Beijing.


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